Seaps official landed Stock Exchange Market

    In July 30, 2015, SEAPS officially listed in BOCI Securities, which means it has become the first listed private enterprise in the RO Membrane industry. This is a worthy remembered day for SEAPS history. After our unremitting efforts and hard work for nearly two years, we finally got this invitation and successful landed the capital markets.

    Tangshan SEAPS Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a reverse osmosis membrane R&D and manufacturing company as the core of high-tech innovation-oriented joint-stock enterprise group. Just a few years, through the core idea of 3+ technological innovation and stable quality, cost-effective, SEAPS has quickly become the industry leader. This successful listing marks the company embarked on a new level.

    With the core of innovative technology, we cooperated with the Institute of Chemistry, Mechanical Science Research Institute, Yanshan University and established SEAPS (Beijing)  Film Technology Research Institute in Beijing. Over the past few years, it has made more than 40 national invention patents. The integrated technical indicators of ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis (RO) membrane have reached and exceeded the similar foreign products.

   The 21st century is the era of capital and Industrial take off. The Thirteen Five-year National Planning clearly pointed to accelerate capital market upgrade to support more potential of private enterprises, SEPAS will build capital expansion, innovation and technology to enhance core competitiveness. We have always been committed to the transformation of the water quality of the living environment. The deputy mayor of the provincial party committee and the relevant leaders highly praised the listing and encouraged us to do even better!