Our Faith >> Blue Faith

Nowadays, improving the earth environment is the duty of all mankind to share.

Seaps, a focus on RO membrane in r&d and manufacture of innovative technology, to improve the water environment of human environmental protection company of science and technology:

In life, Our RO membrane filtering process involved in water purification, solved the family life water;

In business, Our RO membrane in sewage treatment system, to reduce and avoid the many industrial drainage cause pollution 

to the environment;

On the ocean, Our RO membrane in seawater desalination project, for the blue earth continues to build more fresh water resources.

Blue is the color of the sky, It is the color of clean water, It is the color of the earth, It is the standard color and soul of SEAPS;

Seaps people would protect the purest blue always as our duty.

Blue , Feith of Seaps

Our strategy

Development strategy: Root in China, View of World

Product strategy: Minimum,Stability,Utility

Our Values

We focus on achieve Clients

Our vision

The leading ro membrane sheet provider in the world

The domestic industrial standerd maker of ro membrane 

in china

Our social responsibility

Mankind, Environment and Profit, we hope that the company's all action can strike a balance in these three aspects. Profits have been obtained at the same time, companies are also required to ensure that employees can progress, improve the environment, for human made outstanding contribution to society,Its the way of sustainable development for the company.